Caused our kindness to provide the best service to our client, all customers purchase from "Al-BALAD DREAMS"  store are exchangeable under 7 quantity days which starts since client purchase date, However, Refunds time limits is within 3 days from client first purchase date..

What do you have to do is contact the client service, so your message will be replied as soon we receive the issue title.


In the case, that you delivered incorrect order or the client got his order order improper, then our “AL-BALAD DREAMS” will strictly endure covers all fees of both exchanges and refunds. Whereas, in case you wish to exchange or refund at any other reasons, our "Dream Country Store", will always bellow the regular delivery conditions

.On the other hand, Offers and gifts aren’t belongs to any Exchange and Refunds conditions neither policies

The client has the right to regain costs related to the amounts paid only; as well, the amount should be shown on the given receipt.

On the contrary, the ”AL-BALAD DREAMS” store will absolutely ask for clear information resulting a transaction due to client service rights and policies, elaboration info. must be given accurate. So we can rehearsal costs back to the reference client at mostly 5 business days, as a least refund period of time.

In the phenomenon that you purchased with credit such as, Visa or MasterCard or Mada cards and the client wanted to recover costs, our assistant directly will deduct the amount to the same Visa or MasterCard or mada card on the same transactional credit. Often takes from 2 days upto 10 days (MAX.). The refund late time will always blame the delays of Bank’s stages as well as policy (presentation of the service).

In the event that the client receives a gift or free shipping, and returns the products, our assistants has the right to recalculate the free shipping cost on the same case client


!!!Thanks for your interest, and we wish you a happy day